“Thiago has an eye for detail; not only does he pick up on the small things that make your day special, but he also manages to capture the big emotions you wish to remember when thinking back to your spouse and guests. He and Nícollas blended in naturally on the day, and we were so happy to share our wedding with them.

Highly recommended team!”

– Adela & Antony

Adela & Antony - Testimonial / Depoimento


“Because we have some mutual friends on social networks, I followed Thiago’s work, and it was during a trip he took to Brazil that I had the opportunity to talk to him about our wedding ”- Marília.

“What seemed to be impossible became true with the great love and affection that Två Löv put into their work. Since I am a photographer as well, I would like to find a professional with the a style that is as close as possible to what I like, and when we finally hired them, I couldn’t avoid but being anxious to see the final results.”  – Wesley.

“We are marvelled with the final product they delivered to us and how they handled to take care of our best interests and goals, without loosing their own identity. We had wonderful and adventurous days. Our memories from that day became even stronger due to Två Löv’s work. Thank you.

– Marília & Wesley

“Thiago and Nícollas are the perfect team!

They did everything possible to capture all the beautiful moments and feelings during our wedding and reception. They made us feel very comfortable. There was no obstacle they could not fix. And we are so greatful for them and the work they have put in to both video and photografs.

We strongly recomend them to everyone who wants a team that really listens to you and do everthing possible to make memories that will last a lifetime!”

– Claudia & Mattias

“We’re very thankful for having Två Löv as our photographers.

They can make you calm and feel natural during the shots. They were also very flexible about the time and places for the pictures, which helps a lot when you have a lot to plan for your wedding day.

We really do recommend them to everyone we know who’s getting married:) 

Professional and very beautiful photos, we’re so happy we choose you!”

– Paulina & Nichlas

“From the moment you meet Thiago, his enthusiasm, sincerity, and warmth win you over. We were so happy and relieved to finally find an honest and professional photographer that not only surpassed all of our expectations, but that also made us feel like family, like he was so incredibly happy to be sharing our wedding day with us.

He was such a pleasure to work with and we really could not have imagined a better person to photograph us. Thiago displays such creativity, intuition, and talent in his work. He is not afraid of being adventurous, taking suggestions, and working hard to capture your most cherished of moments.

Not once during our full day with Thiago did we see him not smiling and enjoying himself. You see, when you hire Thiago, you are not just left with an abundance of beautiful photographs but with a wonderful experience by a photographer who really cares about you. Thiago is one of those rare photographers that you keep for life.

Thanks Thiago”

– Julie & Julius

“Trista and I are beyond pleased with your work on our wedding day, both in terms of the quality of the photos and your demeanor throughout.

Your efforts of integrating into our wedding made people very comfortable, and is evident in the photos you captured.

We have received nothing but compliments on your photography from all of our friends and family.

A million times thank you!”

–  Trista & Justin

“We are so thankful for the beautiful work Thiago has done!!! We love love love the pictures!!! Our families too!! He did a great job!!

He was brilliant from the start to the end of our wedding day. We have wonderful memories and fabulous photographs. His plainness, kindness and sense of humor made us so relaxed while shooting. It was unforgettable!

His work is so professional, all the lights and the tones.

We love our pictures in the snow… wooow! And all the others with all the family members and friends!!! Great great!!!

We look at the pictures frequently!!!

He was almost “invisible” in our party and he captured perfectly every single moment.

We are so happy and appreciate the work. We couldn’t have wished for a better photographer.

Thank you!! We love it!!!!”

–  Paula & Dario

“We had a small wedding in the Österlen and hired Thiago as a photographer.

He was excellent to work with in all ways. From flexibility regarding changes in the planning to fantastic feeling for both photo and the social context.

Would highly recommend Thiago!”

–  Vanessa & Erik

Eva quote

“I met Thiago Castor in a photography course last year and everybody at the course could see that he was very talented with his photos.

That is why I chose him now to take pictures for my blog. I didn’t have any doubt.

He is an excellent photographer with great imagination and very creative with his compositions. He understood what I wanted from the very beginning and the result was amazing”.

–  Eva Fernández

“In my brief visit to Stockholm, I had the pleasure of getting to know a little of this beautiful city which is cosmopolitan and medieval at the same time.

However, it would not have been a complete experience if I had not registered my trip in photos, and for that I hired the exceptional work of Thiago Castor – with his professional and masterful use of the lenses.

Thank you dearly, my memory of Scandinavia was recorded not only in my mind but also in your wonderful photographic work!

Highly recommended!”

–  Ismael Rosa

Ismael quote
Maya quote

“In November 2016, me and my parents hired Thiago to make  a photographic book celebrating me turning 15, which had happened a couple of months before.

We were 100% satisfied with the work, care and attention in every detail. The photos were simply amazing!

Thank you very much for your attention.

I highly recommend Thiago’s work if you want to register unforgettable moments.

Once again congratulations on the work Två Löv!”

–   Khetlyn Maia

“We couldn’t rate higher enough!

We truly had the honor of having Thiago at our wedding. Not only is he super duper friendly, but also a talented photographer. He had a lot of energy and really made an effort to make us both feel relaxed and comfortable around him. He clearly has a passion for what he does.

We could not wish for a better photographer at our wedding.”

– Viviana & Dennis

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