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Great New Features in a Software Update

 How do you feel wen you find out that a new feature came out and that it can make your work much easier and save you a lot of time? Excited?! And how about when you find out next that the feature will be available only if you purchase a brand new camera house that will be announced very soon, but you don’t have that much cash or you have just purchased your camera? That’s kind of upsetting, right? But that’s the normal rule.

 On April 11th 2019, Sony released 3 new features: Real Time Eye-AF,  Real Time Animal Eye-AF (this one a first of the kind) and Interval Shooting. And guess what? Those features won’t be available only in a brand new model about to be announced. Nope! They are available for the cameras you already have! As long as they are one of the α9, α7RIII or α7III.

 Here is what Sony has pronounced about those features:

 – Real-time Eye AF

 Software Version 3.0 brings Real-time Eye-AF to the α7RIII and α7III, an AI-driven enhanced eye detection system that’s based on the results of machine learning. Through machine learning, Sony has created a system that can detect—and focus on—the human eye even if the subject is looking down, partially blocked in the frame, turning or backlit. This feature is available in AF-C mode with a simple half-press of the shutter button.

 –Real-time Animal Eye AF

 As with human eye recognition, Software Version 3.0 brings AI-driven animal eye detection to Sony cameras for the first time. Advanced subject recognition allows the α7III and α7RIII to detect and track animal eyes, and is the first step in a robust animal-tracking AF system.

 The development of Animal Eye AF performance will continue, increasing the range of animals recognized by the system as well the system’s ability to track their movement.

 –Interval Shooting

 This new software adds a built-in interval timer, enabling photographers to easily capture and create time-lapse movies. The new feature can be set for anywhere between 1 and 60 seconds, with a total number of shots from 1 to 9999. AE tracking sensitivity is available to be adjusted to “High”, “Mid” or “Low” in order to reduce changes in exposure.

 We have downloaded the firmware to our cameras and tested it. What was already great, got even more amazing.

 Here are the links if you want to download the firmware update:

 Sony α7RIII firmware at Sony.

 Sony α7III firmware at Sony.

 Next two samples of a quick test we made with the new firmware update, plus a couple of videos of Sony shooters who tested the firmware.



Sony Imaging Pro Conference – Sweden 2018


It was such a surprise when I got the invitation from the Nordic branch of Sony to be present at the Sony Imaging Pro Conference in Malmö, Sweden!

I felt honoured and super excited to go. But there was an important detail: Me and the team would be in South America, photographing  and filming a Wedding by the time of the event. That made us sad.

To be more precise, the event would take place 2 days after the wedding in South America, but the issue was that we had already booked the tickets to come back from South America, and and the flight would happen a few days after the Sony event.

I contacted Sony and explained the situation, expressing how willing I was to attend the conference. 

Guess what? Sony kindly and amazingly provided flight tickets for me to come all the way from South America, right after the Wedding, to be able to attend the conference! How amazing was that?!

The event was a mix of showroom with workshops. It was great! 

It all happened at the beautiful Luftkastellet in Malmö, the third largest city in Sweden. The place is beautiful, it has a beautiful view to the ocean and to the famous Öresund bridge. The bridge connecting Sweden to Denmark by the ocean.

We started with a lunch between guests and speakers. It was really cool to sit next to so many cool professional and also alongside renowned speakers!

Hosting the event we had Hung Hué Tang, the Nordic Professional Business Manager. What a polite, friendly and energetic person! He energetically introduced us to the program ahead, and talked about how amazing the technology of Sony cameras is. The EAF (eye auto focus) is something that no other brand is capable of replicating yet.

We all got Sony full frame cameras to play with. The amazing Sony A7RIII (which I ended up purchasing one and is my main camera), and the dream of photographers: the A9. What a beast!

Then we had the guests to talk about their work with Sony: Patrick Murphy-Racey, American Sports Photographer who has had works published on the cover of magazines like Sports Illustrated. He was a funny guy, full of stories and anecdotes.

We also had a lecture from the renowned professional wedding photographer Christiano Ostinelli from Italy. What a beautiful work the guy has.

We also had some walkthrough of setting of the A9 and the A7RIII for workshops.

With the A7RIII we joined Cristiano Ostinelli to a photosession outdoors with a model in a bridal session. I was able to use the A7RIII and capture some amazing shots, which you will see after the article.

Following Patrick Murphy-Racey, we used the beast lens Sony 400mm F2.8 GM OSS. Seriously… the combo of the A9 plus the 400mm f2.8 GM… mind blowing! We went outdoors to photograph some kite-surfing athletes on the ocean. It was rainy and cold, but the guys were doing some amazing moves there in the Atlantic. We also photograph some mountain bike athletes doing some manoeuvres up and down a few hills.  You are also going to see the photos after the article.

And then we had our final workshop with products photography indoors, showing all the capability of the pixel-shift of the A7RIII.

What a day! If you love photography like we do here, you would have loved the event. It is no surprise that Sony is ahead of the competition when it comes to the mirrorless world. Their cameras are real beasts! We love using them!

We would like to take the opportunity to once more thank Sony Nordic, specially Hung Hué Tang, for being so kind!.


Now take a look at the photos!

Sony_Alpha_ Bride_Model_1
Sony_Alpha_Bride_Model_2 1
Sony_Alpha Bride_Model_4
Sony_sports_alpha 1
Sony_sports_alpha 2
Sony_sports_alpha 3
Sony_sports_alpha 4
Sony_sports_alpha 5
Sony_sports_alpha 6
Sony_sports_alpha 7
Sony_sports_alpha 8 1

Tips: Rule of thirds.

This is such a basic tip, but at the same time so important! When taking photos, try to activate this grid on your camera or your smartphone.  Place your subjects in one of the intersections. Our eyes are naturally drawn to those spots. Then make your composition.

  • Activate the grid on your device
  • Place the subject in one of the intersections
  • Make the composition
  • If your subject is looking to the right, place it on the left side
  • If your subject is looking to the left, place it on the right side
  • Take the shot

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