Let us tell you a little bit of our story:

Years ago two Swedish sisters and two Brazilian friends found each other thousands of kilometers apart and became two married couples with a very special bond.  

Despite the Brazilian heat and the Swedish chill, we all share the same spirit. Artistic fields have always been appealing to us all. We love to be creative and different, looking beyond the ordinary and paying attention to details. 

Our group is merry and positive but also hardworking and not afraid of challenges. Doing things half heartedly is not our thing, it’s not just about saying “cheese” and clicking a button. Love, time and effort are the ingredients to making something special. 

It always felt beautiful and touching to see weddings in movies on tv, but there is no comparison to being able to witness and register a real wedding, a part of a true love story in action and not in acting.

Every day is unrepeatable, but a wedding day is something beyond unique. It’s the day when two souls vow to share their laughs, their tears, their time and their years together. And that is a greatly satisfying privilege for us to register for you. 

So this is who we are. We are Två Löv, two couples, two leaves, photographing and filming your beautiful memories on your most special day. 

That is our ultimate goal. That is the best gift we could ever offer you. Let us prove it to you.

Två Löv Group
thiago landscape id

Thiago Castor


I was born in Brazil so I have  this colourful and warm background.

Photography has always been part of my life. I am a huge movie buff and the work of cinematographers like Janusz Kaminski in his partnership with Steven Spielberg, has always been of inspiration.

I am also Janella’s husband, a father and a destination photographer who is absolutely forever in love with my wife, my child and photography. I should mention nature as well, in case you did not take a look at my pictures yet. I love nature and it also inspires my photography.

Janella landscape ID2

Janella Castor


I was born in Sweden but also have Finnish blood. The Nordic simplicity is present in my touch for photography. I have good eyes for details and together with my husband and the rest of our team we can accomplish wonders.

My husband and I love binge watching tv shows and movies, plus funny “weird” jokes is part of my personality.

I fell in love with photography from the moment my husband taught me everything he knows and made me see it from new angles.

And this unique combination reflects on the work we do and we love.

Nícollas landscape ID

Nícollas Maranhão


I’m from northeast Brazil. A very tropical part of this world. Beaches, sun and warmth have been a constant during my life.

But it all changed when I met Rosanna, my wife. Living a completely different reality in Sweden made me see the beauty in the everyday scenes in Scandinavian lifestyle.

Everything I see and live makes me imagine a great movie scene or moment that could be eternalised. Every “mundane” moment inspires me to make great films, no matter the weather or time.

To make your memories look the way they feel to you is always my ultimate goal.

Rosanna landscape ID

Rosanna Maranhão

Details curator 

I am born and raised in Sweden with my sister Janella. But ever since I was a child I’ve been exploring the world through travels. It has rooted an interest for culture and learning new things which is an outlet for my inspiration.

I met my husband, Nícollas, in Brazil and we have learned much of each other and the difference in our image of the world, which we both like to bring to the set.

I like searching for the details that will perfect the moment, to gather all the knowledge of the group so our work will be coherent.

I am keen in getting to know the person so I can envision what you expect out of your day.


Amit Kalantri said that “A good swordsman is more important than a good sword”.

We agree that is not about the gear, but about the professional. Still many wonder what tools we use in our workflow. These are some of them.

We shoot Sony, we handle the images with Macs and post process in Adode/Apple softwares.

Sony Alpha Cameras
Sony Alpha Cameras
Mac Mini
Mac Mini
Photoshop & Lightroom / Final Cut Pro X
iPad Pro
iPad Pro
Full Frame lenses
Full Frame lenses
Mavic Air
Mavic Air
MacBook Pro
MacBook Pro
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