Rosanna & Nícollas

Rosanna & Nícollas

You might recognise Nícolla’s face as well as his wife’s. No surprise. They are actually part of Två Löv team.

It was an honour and a big responsibility to be their Photographer.

Their wedding day was like a dream. It took place on a farm house in the country side of Skåne county in Sweden.

The guests came from different part of the world and they all stay in the big farm house during the weekend. So it was a cozy, relaxing and enjoyable wedding.

We woke up, enjoyed the lazy company of everyone, had some lively conversations, the groom and the bride got ready, then we drove to Helsingborg city to go through some beautiful spots for the wedding session. Afterwards we drove back to the farm where everyone was eagerly waiting for the ceremony and dinner afterwards.

The Swedish summer allowed us to have daylight for a long time… The sunset was just beautiful!

And now we are more than friends, family and partners. We are also Två Löv.

Joins us on that beautiful day.

Location: Helsingborg, Sweden / Venue: Förslöv, Sweden


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